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11. February 2018 09:13
by m

James Bond 1986 News Report on Timothy Dalton playing 007

11. February 2018 09:13 by m | 0 Comments

This short 1986 news report from the USA, gives viewers a brief history of the James Bond film series, touches on Pierce Brosnan missing out on the role due to his last minute Remington Steele contract renewal.

It also introduces us to a very young looking Timothy Dalton as the new 007 - using Footage from The Lion in Winter (1968). Dalton was in fact offered the role of 007 in 1968, but in his early twenties at the time, Dalton felt he was too young to play Bond.

The reporter describes Lasenby's On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty as a box office failure, which I don't think is factually correct, but apart from that it's a pretty solid report.

Less than 2 minutes long, it was captured from an old VHS or Betamax tape, and unfortunately the quality isn't very good. I don't remember where I found it, but whoever captured it used a lot of temporal smoothing or digital noise reduction and ended up erasing a lot of the fine details. This leaves most of the people looking rather cartoonish. I have added a little noise to the video to try and offset that a little bit, but it still looks very digitized.

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