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28. April 2017 10:12
by m

Indian James Bond Goldfinger Poster

28. April 2017 10:12 by m | 0 Comments

From the strange but true department comes this rather interesting poster.  I believe this to be a genuine One Sheet poster used to promote GoldfingerGoldfinger in India (sometime in the 1990s). Created by "The Safire Industries" and measuring approximately 26" x 36", it looks fan made - but created by a fan who doesn't know a great deal about James Bond! At what point in GoldfingerGoldfinger, or any Bond film for that matter, does a helicopter (or is that a small plane?) crash into the Golden Gate bridge? The tag line "Original Bond recalled!" was originally on some of the Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again posters, and we can only guess at the meaning of "Bond No.1". Perhaps they believed GoldfingerGoldfinger to be the first ever Bond film, or perhaps just the greatest James Bond film of all time, or maybe it just indicates that this is the first in the series of James Bond films to be shown in India, or perhaps it is because Sean Connery was the first James Bond... The title could be for any number of reasons, but if you are reading this and you have more information about it, please do contact us or leave a comment below, as we'd love to find out more!

James Bond 007 Goldfinger One Sheet Poster, India, circa 1990s

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