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3. November 2016 06:35
by m

A look inside James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

3. November 2016 06:35 by m | 0 Comments

Our 500th post (!) is a random James Bond page that I found in a June 2012 issue of Cincinnati Magazine...

License to Thrill

A look inside James Bond's sexiest and deadliest car

THE ASTON MARTIN DB5 that James Bond drives in Gold finger has been described as "the most famous car in the world."There were actually two cars used to make the movie. One was stolen in 1997 and has never been seen again. In 2010. local car collector Harry Yeaggy bought the other at an auction in London for $4.1 million, and this summer it will be on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum. "It's definitely an icon of film and popular culture," says Amy Dehan, the curator of the exhibit, "but stripped of all of its gadgets and fame, the car still stands as an icon of design." True, but undeniably those gizmos and weapons are still really awesome. Machine guns pop out just below the headlights (A), a tail light flips open to release a smoke screen (B), a bullet shield rises up to protect the rear window (C). and tire slicers extend from the hubcaps (D). There is a map on the dash that Agent 007 used to track a homing device (E), roughly akin to a modern GPS, and a telephone receiver in the door (F), perhaps a precursor to cell phones. As tempting as it might seem, stay away from the control panel (G). After all, you wouldn't want to engage the ejector seat.

June 19-July 15,



[Source: Cincinnati. June 2012, Vol. 45 Issue 9, P 30. Copyright © 2012 Emmis Communications Corporation. All rights reserved.]

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