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10. August 2016 13:39
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Vintage James Bond 007 Thunderball Board Game

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descriptionI picked this up at an antique store a while back, curious to see how they turned the movie into a board game.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the pieces in this game have never been punched out of the original cardboard holders, so it didn't feel right to punch them out now, 51 years after the game was made so I had to content myself with just reading the instructions and imagining the game play. I must say that the game sounds rather frustrating - if the SpectreSpectre agent lands on you, you are wounded in action and have to make your way back to headquarters before you an continue on your mission, and all the important stuff seems to require the precision movements of James Bond's timepiece - if you don't throw the exact number you don't get to enter the numbered areas.  If you have the game and you've played it, I'd be interested to hear what you think in the comments below.

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If you have run out of notepad and would like to print some more, there are some blanks included in the photos below that you can print out:

01 James Bond Thunderball MB Games box art   02 James Bond Thunderball MB Games instructions   03 James Bond Thunderball MB Games inside   04 James Bond Thunderball MB Games pieces   05 James Bond Thunderball MB Games board  
06 James Bond Thunderball MB Games inside   07 James Bond Thunderball MB Games inside   09 James Bond Thunderball MB Games pieces notebooks printable   10 James Bond Thunderball MB Games pieces   11 James Bond Thunderball MB Games pieces  

Also, if you would like to buy this game, it is currently listed on eBay.

James Bond 007

[On the Box]

Sean Connery as James Bond. Adolfo Celi as Largo. Clauding Auger as Domino. Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona. Rick Van Nutter as Felix Leiter.

ThunderballThunderball Game

For ages 10 to adult.

Another MB KEY TO FUN and learning.

OBJECT Gather clues to find the armed bomb. Average playtime 30 minutes.





ThunderballThunderball Game (FOR TWO TO FOUR PLAYERS) DIRECTIONS

[Inside Box Lid]

Each player becomes a secret agent Investigating “OPERATION ThunderballThunderball" with 007 Agent James Bond. The International Crime Organisation known as SpectreSpectre has master-minded the hijacking of atomic bombs for blackmailing countries all over the world. SpectreSpectre has carefully hidden these bombs and ARMED one. The Bond Agents must move strategically around the area traveling from Headquarters to several numbered areas. As each AGENT visits an area, he records secret coded information that, when decoded, leads to the area with the ARMED BOMB. Exciting intrigue develops as AGENTS rendezvous with other AGENTS, and from time to time tangle with SpectreSpectre.


To be the first agent to locate the secret area with the ARMED BOMB.


1.    Carefully punch out the die-cut pieces (six assignment discs, six bombs, seven triangles, four AGENTS and one SpectreSpectre). Place the BLACK frogman (SpectreSpectre) upright on the black plastic stand. Place the other frogmen {players' AGENTS) upright on each colored stand.

2.    Each player picks a frogman AGENT as his playing piece.

3.    Place the six bombs and the seven triangles PRINTED SIDE DOWN on the board and mix them up. Without any player seeing the printed side, place one bomb and one triangle, FACE DOWN, on each of the six areas on the edge of the board numbered 1 to 6, and place the 7th triangle, FACE DOWN, On the yacht picture in the upper right of the board. The players must not look at any of the printed sides of either the bombs or the triangles, at this time.

4.    SpectreSpectre, to start the game, is placed on the black dot outside area #1. In every turn, SpectreSpectre moves around the board clockwise, on BLACK DOTS ONLY.

5.    To start the game, the assignment discs are turned face down, mixed and dealt one to each player. The discs left are placed FACE UP on the large picture in the upper left of the board. Each player places his assignment disc face up in front of him and places his AGENT in HEADQUARTERS on that corresponding numbered circle.

6.    Each player takes a sheet from the "Secret 007 Notebook" for recording his notes. All players use the same colored side for each game. Players keep their notes secret during the game.


In playing ThunderballThunderball, players have complete choice in determining the best and quickest way to coliect the six clues of secret information that, when decoded, lead to the area with the ARMED BOMB.

They can move out of HEADQUARTERS and travel to numbered areas on assignments, or they can leave HEADQUARTERS without assignment “ON THE PROWL," and depend upon meeting (landing on exact space) other AGENTS or SpectreSpectre.

Therefore, AGENTS can gather secret information from Numbered Areas, other AGENTS and SpectreSpectre. However, if SpectreSpectre lands on an AGENT, he WOUNDS the AGENT and delays his searching activities by sending him back to HEADQUARTERS to recover.

As an AGENT locates secret information, he records it in his "Secret 007 Notebook". After decoding the information, he will know which is the ARMED BOMB, ond then races to be the first to reach its location and win the game.



1.    The player throwing the highest number on the dice moves first.

2.    Each player in turn throws the two dice. One DIE, (one dice) by players choice, determines the number of dots the player moves SpectreSpectre and the other DIE the number of dots he moves his AGENT.

3.    SpectreSpectre must always move before the player's AGENT each turn.

4.    SpectreSpectre always moves on the black dots circling the board, CLOCKWISE, following printed arrows.

5.    An AGENT can travel on BOTH black and red dots in any direction; but cannot go in a numbered area unless he has the assignment disc of that number. He must move in one direction only, the full count of one DIE in each turn. When entering headquarters he does not need full or exact count.

6.    An AGENT, in moving, may pass over other AGENTS and SpectreSpectre.

7.    When AGENTS leave headquarters on an assignment (with an assignment disc) of a specific number, they leave headquarters on that corresponding numbered path.

8.    The AGENT must land on his assigned numbered area by exact count.

9.    After an AGENT completes an assignment and records information in his "notebook," he returns his area disc to the upper left picture and in succeeding turns, travels on any path back to HEADQUARTERS to get another assignment. He may decide instead to circle the board "ON THE PROWL" for SpectreSpectre or other AGENTS.


1. From Areas
An AGENT can record area information by taking an area disc, traveling that area path and landing in that area by exact count. He then writes, on the proper line in his notebook, the information found on the underside of the bomb and triangle. The AGENT must pick up the pieces, read them and replace them without other AGENTS seeing the information.

2. From SpectreSpectre
If the player can land his AGENT on the same space with the circling SpectreSpectre, he can learn ttye information in ANY ONE area by being allowed to look at the bomb and the trigngle of that, area and recording it in his notebook. However, the AGENT must be “ON THE PROWL*' (without an area disc) at the time of interception.

3. From Other Agents
If an AGENT "ON THE PROWL" (without an assignment disc) lands at the end of a turn exactly on the dot occupied by another AGENT or AGENTS, he may ask each AGENT on that dot to show him the information in his notebook for ONE area that he names. The AGENT giving the information must cover his notebook so that ONLY the information of that ONE area can be seen. If the AGENT asked does not have the information for that area, he says so and the asking AGENT'S turn ends.

NOTE: To aid in receiving available information, It is good strategy to keep records on paper of the areas visited or information obtained by each opponent.

C.    PENALTIES FROM SpectreSpectre

If SpectreSpectre lands on an AGENT by an exact count, he "WOUNDS" that AGENT. The AGENT is then placed horizontally (lying down) on his stand, and must take the following action:

1.    The "WOUNDED" AGENT must turn in his area disc (if he has one) and proceed, in his following turns, by the shortest route to headquarters.

2.    The "WOUNDED" AGENT moves each turn the number of the low DIE, until he reaches headquarters...

3.    A "WOUNDED" AGENT cannot receive information from another AGENT or SpectreSpectre. However, he must still give out information if other AGENTS land on the same space occupied by him. While an AGENT is wounded, no additional penalties can be dealt by SpectreSpectre landing on him again.

4.    If SpectreSpectre lands on a space occupied by two AGENTS, both are wounded and must return to HEADQUARTERS.

5.    Reaching HEADQUARTERS, a "WOUNDED" AGENT immediately "RECOVERS" (placed upright on the stand) and can leave HEADQUARTERS on his next turn "ON THE PROWL" or with an AVAILABLE assignment.


1.    At the beginning of the game, players are dealt an assignment disc and their AGENTS must leave HEADQUARTERS by that assigned numbered path. They must also complete that assignment by landing on that numbered path. They must also complete that assignment by landing on that numbered area, by exact count.

2.    When an AGENT returns to HEADQUARTERS he may select another available assignment (any area disc available in the picture) and move to that corresponding HEADQUARTERS numbered circle, ready to move out of HEADQUARTERS on that path on his next turn.

3.    An AGENT may decide to leave HEADQUARTERS, without any numbered area disc, using any numbered path. In this case, he is "ON THE PROWL" and attempts to land on another AGENT or SpectreSpectre. While "ON THE PROWL”, an AGENT cannot enter or obtain information from numbered areas directly. Instead, he must land on another AGENT or SpectreSpectre for area information.


1.    After an AGENT has recorded the knowledge in ALL SIX numbered areas, he must announce this fact to opposing players. Using this information and his decoder in the notebook, the player will know which is the ARMED BOMB and in what numbered area it is located.

2.    He now must go to this correct numbered area containing the ARMED BOMB. In traveling to this area, he does not use an assignment disc. He keeps secret from his opponents where he is traveling.

3.    The AGENT cannot move to or through headquarters on his way to this area except in the case when he is forced to go back there by being "WOUNDED” by SpectreSpectre.

4. The first AGENT with the six area information to land on the area containing the ARMED BOMB by exact count, WINS THE GAME.


1.    Two items of information for each area received either directly or by other agents is written by the player in its respective column oh his score sheet on the line numbered for that area.

2.    The six letters found in the six area triangles and recorded on the score sheet are checked against the seven vertical letters S-P-E-C-T-R-E. The letter left UNCHECKED points to the COLOR of the ARMED BOMB.

3.    After learning the COLOR of the ARMED BOMB, a player looks above on his notebook and finds on which area this color bomb is located. This is the ARMED BOMB on the numbered area that the AGENT must reach to win.





4. In the Diagram above of a completed notebook, the unchecked letter is "E". The "E" points to the color green as the ARMED BOMB for this game. The green bomb is located in area #3. Therefore, the AGENT must get to the #3 area to win. The winning AGENT can be proved correct by checking the Triangle on the yacht picture.


Makers of The World’s Best Games SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS


© 1965 By Milton Bradley Co. Under Berne & Universal Copyright Conventions.

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