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30. January 2016 14:28
by m

Together, you and Bond can make a killing

30. January 2016 14:28 by m | 0 Comments

I have very fond memories of this CBS/FOX VHS set. By 1988, my father had collected them all and I spent my entire Christmas Vacation working my way through them in order, seeing some, like On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty, for the very first time. This magazine ad, from 1985, showcases Roger Moore's last outing as 007 in A View To A KillA View To A Kill, and was sent to us by our friends at 007 Home Video.

James Bond 007 A View to a Kill, print ad, CBS/Fox VHS Video

Together, you and Bond can make a killing

You just can’t lose teaming up with James Bond. Whoever, or whatever he faces, he always means business... especially at the box office! There’s no doubt that the exploits of agent 007 rank among the most popular—and profitable—in film history. And in today’s market, there’s a ready-made audience pre-sold on the adventures of Britain’s most famous secret agent.

A View To A KillA View To A Kill is the most incredible 007 adventure to date! Roger Moore stars as the dapper, double-0 agent with the Licence To KillLicence To Kill.Tanya Roberts also stars along with Grace Jones as May Day and Christopher Walken as Zorin, the evil industrialist. It's action-packed excitement in a riveting, positively Bonding extravaganza from CBS/FOX.

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