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15. December 2015 09:01
by m

Rare - Daniel Craig's Casino Royale on VHS

15. December 2015 09:01 by m | 0 Comments

In the great majority of countries, the last 'James Bond' title to be issued on the VHS format was 'Die Another DayDie Another Day'. However, in a few territories Daniel Craig's 'Casino RoyaleCasino Royale' also received a videotape release. In 2007, a 2-tape edition of Craig's debut 007 film was marketed in The Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) by 'Sony Pictures Home Entertainment'.

The Korean VHS 'Casino RoyaleCasino Royale' is not an only child; an edition was also marketed in Argentina, in 2007, by 'LK-Tel'. Believe it or not, there may even be a small number of (officially released) Quantum of SolaceQuantum of Solace VHS tapes in South Korea also, but they are extremely rare due to the low sales that accompanied the demise of the Korean VHS market. A big thank you to for providing us with this information and the image!

Edit: Proving once again how kind and generous the online James Bond fan community is, after seeing this post, Nicolás at  Bond en Argentina sent us this scan of the Argentinian VHS sleeve:

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