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2. November 2015 08:09
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Time-Life Updates James Bond Special to Include Spectre

2. November 2015 08:09 by m | 0 Comments

Originally on sale in 2012 to co-incide with the release of SkyfallSkyfall, this glossy magazine is now back on supermarket shelves with a new chapter on the latest James Bond film, SpectreSpectre. For those of you who bought it in 2012 and are wondering if it is worth "upgrading", here is what they added:

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Goodbye, GIRLS. Director Sam Mendes is switching things up with the women stars of SpectreSpectre. At 51, Italian beauty Monica Bellucci, who plays Lucia Sciarra, is the most seasoned actress to appear as a Bond love interest. And French actress Lea Seydoux, 30, bears the Proustian name of Madeleine Swann. Quite a change from the days of giggling Bond Babes with names like Holly Goodhead and Pussy Galore.

MUSICAL HINTS? Sam Smith recorded SpectreSpectre's theme song, “Writing's on the Wall,” and the trailer contains a haunting rendition of John Barry’s theme for On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty, the movie where SpectreSpectre kills Bond’s wife, Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo. The only other woman Bond ever professed his love to was Vesper Lynd, who appeared in the first of the Craig films. She too, died, at the hands of 007’s enemies, the criminal organization Quantum.

As you have read earlier, SpectreSpectre is a global criminal syndicate. It first appeared in the novel ThunderballThunderball and was run by supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The new film reintroduces SpectreSpectre and in it we meet the ominous Franz Oberhauser.

One possibility: Oberhauser may be the new Blofeld. Interestingly, he shares a surname with Hannes Oberhauser, the Austrian mountain guide in Fleming’s short story “OctopussyOctopussy,” who teaches the young Bond to ski and climb. In that tale, Bond fondly recalls Oberhauser as “a wonderful man. He was something of a father to me at a time when I happened to need one.” Oberhauser is murdered by Major Dexter Smythe, a rogue MI6 agent.

The trailers for SpectreSpectre are full of dark hints. In one scene, Bond studies a damaged photo, perhaps from his childhood, that has been recovered from the SkyfallSkyfall house. In the picture are an adult and two teens, with the face of one of the youths burnt away. Along with the snapshot, viewers can spy an “Order of Temporary Guardianship” for the 12-year-old Bond; it is signed by his legal guardian, Aunt Charmain, and none other than Hannes Oberhauser. Before jumping to conclusions about what all this implies and who will be revealed as the supervillain with a predilection for Persian cats, consider the possibility of a feint on the part of the filmmakers: Blofeld could also be intelligence officer Max Denbigh, or even one of the Bond women.


IS SpectreSpectre RELATED to another 007 nemesis, Quantum, from Casino RoyaleCasino Royale and Quantum of SolaceQuantum of Solace? Well, Mr. White, a shadowy leader of the evil group, shows up looking scared in SpectreSpectre.

[Source: Life - Bond, James Bond. P. 1, 94-95. Copyright © 2015 Time-Life Inc. All rights reserved.]

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