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9. July 2015 14:07
by m

A View To A Kill TV Promotional materials

9. July 2015 14:07 by m | 0 Comments

James Bond 007 - A View to a kill TV promos videoThis Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for A View To A KillA View To A Kill includes a number of TV Promotional materials, including interviews and B-Roll, made available almost exactly 30 years ago to American TV Stations to use when talking about the new James Bond film. The videos include interviews with Director John Glen, producer Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, screen writer Richard Maibaum, co-producer Michael G. Wilson and stars Roger Moore and Grace Jones, and many others.  There is also some rare, behind the scenes footage. Interestingly, Feature 7 "On-Air Promo No. 2". feature8 (unknown), and features 12-17 (also unknown) are all missing from this tape, presumably because those segments were actually used by the TV Station and cut from here and spliced together elsewhere for broadcast. (This was originally sourced from a TV Station's 3/4" video tape).

Or jump to a segment:

1. "Picking 0:35:17 up where Ian Fleming left off" 00:00
2. "Maurice Binder: The Title Trademark" 02:47
3. "The Wit of James Bond" 05:13
4. "The Wide World of 007" 07:43
5. "Breaking all the Rules" 10:25
6. "On-Air Promo No. 1" 12:53
7. "On-Air Promo No. 2" [missing]
8. [missing]
9. Personality Profile "Enjoying It - Roger Moore" 13:51
10. "Amazing Grace - Grace Jones" 16:59
11. Featurette "A View To A KillA View To A Kill" 20:14
12-17 [Film Clips (Omitted)]
18. Unedited Interview Segment - Roger Moore. 30:46
19. Unedited Interview Segment -Michael Wilson Co-Producer/Co-Screenwriter 31:52
20. Unedited Interview Segment - John Glen Director 32:46
21. Unedited Interview Segment - Albert R. Broccoli 33:49
22. Behind-the-Scenes Footage 35:17 

Many thanks to Tim for sending us the tapes and to our friends at for transferring them to digital.

Edit: Tim informs me that the missing segments were just clips from the film.

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