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9. January 2015 10:33
by m

Rare Original 16mm Dr. No B&W TV Spots in HD

9. January 2015 10:33 by m | 0 Comments

Recently, we were lucky enough to be able to borrow some film reels from a private collector.

Along with the usual 35mm Trailers, many of which we already have, were some 16mm film reels (over 400 feet of film) containing original TV spots for many of the films going back as far as Dr. NoDr. No. We haven't even looked at them all yet, but so far, none of the ones we've scanned are to be found among the supplemental materials on the official DVDs and blu-rays.

You will notice that the audio often appears to start a little late end prematurely. Q-branch informs us that the former is because the audio tracks preceded the picture on the film but at some point in the past, somebody who wasn't aware of this cut the film and spliced it together based on the images alone, so unfortunately that audio is gone. Apparently this was a fairly common mistake, particularly among inexperienced projectionists, and some trailers and ads (including one of the ThunderballThunderball ones we'll screen for you soon) were printed with the sound track closer to the pictures in an effort to prevent this from happening. There is dead air at the end of the spot so that a local announcer could tell viewers where the movie is playing and to "check theaters for show times".

While Q-branch is busy capturing the rest of this treasure trove in 4k, we proudly present some original black and white TV spots from 1962 for the very first James Bond 007 film, Dr. NoDr. No, starring Sean Connery in his very first outing as 007. (In Full HD - probably for the first time anywhere!)

James Bond 007 Dossier

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