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6. January 2015 11:24
by m

A Black James Bond?

6. January 2015 11:24 by m | 0 Comments

There were rumors about a year ago that Idris Elba was interested in playing James Bond - rumors I recall he denied at the time, and now of course with the Sony Hack we know where those rumors probably started. Over the last week or so Rush Limbaugh has been stirring things up again and I found myself pondering this issue myself. Initially, I resisted the idea, because the character Ian Fleming created was based loosely upon his own ego and he even commissioned an artist to draw how he saw James Bond might look and this was the image he approved:

Ian Fleming's approved likeness of James Bond 007

However, I've always liked the Idea that "James Bond" is just the cover name for whatever MI6 agent gets the "007" designation along with his Licence To KillLicence To Kill. (Rather like the head of MI6 is always called "M" and the Quartermaster is always called "Q".)

One "Bond" dies, or retires when he gets too old, and gets his real name back and retires to obscurity. Meanwhile, a new "Bond" is promoted from the best of the latest promising batch of recruits and is given the 007 moniker. This keeps the enemy guessing and "James Bond/Agent 007" becomes an almost mythical figure in the spy world - one who is truly immortal, and which allows the franchise to continue in perpetuity.

If that were the case, there is absolutely no reason why we couldn't have a black James Bond. Now, imagine that Idris Elba accepts the role and in his first mission as "Bond" he is sent to recruit the help of a former MI6 agent who has important knowledge about SpectreSpectre, or perhaps whose past has been uncovered (or leaked) and this agent know too much. So M sends the new Bond to find him. (To protect him, or to kill him?) And what if this former agent is played by Sean Connery, or Pierce Brosnan?  Bond 25?


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