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17. November 2014 06:04
by m

Mad Politically Correct James Bond

17. November 2014 06:04 by m | 0 Comments

By the 1990s Political correctness was seeping into everything, and with James Bond about to make a triumphant return in GoldeneyeGoldeneye, after six long years without a 007 film, Mad imagines what James Bond might be like if it too became "updated" for the politically correct '90s...

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MadMagazine 340 046   MadMagazine 340 047   MadMagazine 340 048   MadMagazine 340 049   MadMagazine 340 050  

[Source: Mad Magazine # 340, October-November 1995, P.44-48. Written by Mike Snider, illustrated by Angelo Torres. Copyright © 1995 E.C. Publications, Inc.]

It's nice to see they still pictured Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny and brought back Bernard Lee as M.

James Bond will return and the madness will continue next Monday...

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