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3. November 2014 05:33
by m

For Her Thighs Only

3. November 2014 05:33 by m | 0 Comments

Mad Magazine's spoof on For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only:

From the ONE MOORE TIME DEPT. Why do millions of movie-goers flock to see all the “James Bomb" films? Is it the jazzy cars...? The spectacular stunts...? The master villains ...? Could he, but we doubt it! We think it's the promise of SEX... implied by provocative “Movie Posters” like this one... Yep, film fans rushed like crazy down to their local movie houses to see this latest James Bomb epic — For Her Thighs Only.

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MadMagazine 229 006   MadMagazine 229 007   MadMagazine 229 008   MadMagazine 229 009  
MadMagazine 229 010   MadMagazine 229 011   MadMagazine 229 012  

[Source: Mad Magazine # 229, March 1982, P.4-10. Written by Arnie Kogan, illustrated by Mort Drucker. Copyright © 1982 E.C. Publications, Inc.]

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