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30. October 2014 14:05
by m

James Bond Spectre Octopuss Logo Pumpkin carving stencil

30. October 2014 14:05 by m | 0 Comments

This year I created my own James Bond 007 themed pumpkin carving stencil for Halloween, based on the SpectreSpectre Octopuss Logo. I would have liked to carve Richard Kiel's "Jaws" or Geoffrey Holder's cackling Baron Samedi as a tribute but that might be a little beyond my skill level...

Carving begins in about an hour. I'll update this post later to show you how it turns out...


Ok, so here it is:

All told, it only took about 30 minutes to carve ( not including the time it takes to cut off the top and scoop out the gunk) so it's a fairly easy project. A word of caution though for anyone who decides to give this a try. Don't try to remove the entire bottom piece in one chunk, like I did. The tentacles are quite fragile, and I broke one of them off trying to pull out that section in one piece. That stumpy looking one in the middle had to be pinned back on! If I was to do it again I would cut it into at least three chunks before trying to remove it.

Download the printable James_Bond_Spectre_octopus_logo_Pumpkin_Stencil.jpg (91.44 kb)

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