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The James Bond 007 Dossier

Bond, James Bond.

22. October 2014 21:07
by m

Penthouse Magazine Bond Girls from The Spy Who Loved Me

22. October 2014 21:07 by m | 0 Comments

At least once a month we like to bring you some Bond Girl un-coverage, and typically we find it in vintage Playboy Magazines.

Don't worry, we still have a stack of those left to upload. For a change however, we ran across this vintage Penthouse Magazine from August 1977 that promised "James Bond: All the nudes that's fit to sprint (after)" on the cover. While it contains a pretty good article on the new movie, The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me, and some very beautiful (and very naked) women who appeared in the film, it does not feature Barbara Bach or Caroline Munro pictorials - the major 'Bond Girls' of the film - and instead introduces us to a few of the girls who appear only briefly in the film, such as those in the Harem scene, and to Anna Noble, who is one of the bikini clad nymphs on the beach in Sardinia when James Bond's Lotus Esprit emerges from the sea.

As a side note, am I the only one who misses women with pubic hair? I have now looked through nearly 50 years worth of Playboy magazines searching for James Bond related content (I know, it's a difficult task, but someone has to do it) and it's been interesting to see how the fashion has changed - not really showing that area at all in the early 1960s, then a full bush right the way through to the mid-1980s and then less and less pubic hair on models until sometime around the late 1990s/early 2000s when it just disappeared completely, and was joined by too much fake blond hair, fake boobs, and puffy lips to the point where most of the Playboy bunnies now all look the same to me. Personally, I'd rather see a natural beauty like Anna Noble:

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01 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Nudes cover   02 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs   03 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Nudes   04 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs hairy pussy   05 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs   06 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs  
07 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs hairy pussy   08 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs hairy pussy   09 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs ass butt   10 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Nudes   11 Penthouse August 1977 James Bond Girls Nude naked topless breasts nipples boobs hairy pussy  


"The target of my books lies somewhere between the solar plexus and the upper thigh. I write for warm-blooded heterosexuals in railway trains, aeroplanes, and beds."—Ian Fleming.

Ever since 1962 movies like Doctor No. From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love, and GoldfingerGoldfinger have kept millions of filmgoers in Bondage. Oddly enough, despite a decade and a half of dramatic social change (including two changes of the actor who portrays 007), James Bond emerges as a timeless screen hero. Now, in his tenth epic incarnation, The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me, a watery thriller featuring hijacked submarines, amphibious cars, damp deaths, and a seven-foot-two-inch, steel-toothed, fish-cool villain named Jaws, Bond once again rescues the world from tyranny, destruction, and certain ennui.

But no 007 flick is complete without a flashy set of wheels. This time it’s a superslick Lotus-Esprit, equipped with enough optional extras to become an instant submarine with harpoon guns, a detachable exploding back bumper and a liquid smoke screen.

One of the film's more fetching moments occurs when 007's Lotus drives out of the ocean onto the glistening beach of Sardinia, scaring a number of scantily clad beach nymphs out of their knits. One of them is delectable Anna Nobel, a twenty-one-year-old bosomy British model turned actress. Anna has a small role going in, but we predict bigger and better things coming out.

The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me stars Roger Moore as Bond and Barbara Bach as Anya, the deliciously dangerous Russian Agent Triple X. Curt Jurgens plays Karl Stromberg, the inevitable megalomaniac. Pictured, opposite page, above left: Bond's Lotus plunging into the deep. Bottom left: Anna Noble revealed. Above right: Bond clowning with typical panache in Cairo. Center right: Bond shows an intense interest as he interrogates Sue Vanner. Below right: Stromberg with Anya and Bond. This page: the 007 stage, the largest in history.


This page, above left: the Lotus returns to car form and emerges from the deep. Below left: Anna Noble. Above right: "Arab beauty" Jill Goodall. Opposite page: Anna Noble.

The plot of the film (which, incidentally, bears absolutely no resemblance to the Fleming novel of the same name) starts on the British submarine Ranger, which is proceeding, submerged, on normal exercise. Suddenly, a shudder runs through the ship, the engines falter, and the Ranger vanishes without a trace. This, it turns out, is a job for 007. Meanwhile Bond is engaged in amorous activities with a tawny temptress when "M" signals him to return to England. He immediately sets off, on skis, while rifle bullets ricochet around him. Somehow he escapes.

Below: Anika Pavel, who is another incomparable Arab beauty. Above, right: the delectable Anna Noble getting ready for action. Below, right: Bond and Anya attempt escape from the underground laboratory Atlantis.

Left: Bond's Lotus magically converts into a well-equipped submarine. Below, left: Paula Tinn contemplating the vicissitudes of love. Below: the Lotus attacked by Stromberg's evil forces.

Naturally, the Russians are suspected of foul play in the Case of the Disappearing Submarine. But as the scene switches to KGB headquarters in Moscow, we find that one of their submarines has also disappeared. The Russians, naturally, suspect the Americans. Agent Triple X (Barbara Bach), a top Russian spy who just happens to be young and beautiful, is ordered to find these murky miscreants of the deep. Anya is also informed that her lover has just been killed by a certain British secret service agent. Grief stricken, she vows certain vengeance.

This page, clockwise: the amazing unpredictable Lotus; sultry Dawn Rodriguez: Bond fighting off the steel-toothed assassin Jaws; Anna Noble strutting her stuff. Opposite page: Tina Braun reveals the bounty of her hidden assets.

When Bond and Anya meet in Cairo, each is immediately suspicious of the other. However, realizing that they are indeed tracking the same enemy, they become reluctant partners. After a series of false leads and the unpleasant deaths of several contacts (the victims all sport heavy teeth marks in their necks), the trail leads to Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens), a shipping magnate and the owner of a unique underwater laboratory named Atlantis. Bond and Anya set off to Sardinia, to find Stromberg. During their journey Anya is set upon by the incredibly menacing Jaws. Bond saves her life, but Anya, in icy Russian fashion, persists in rejecting his advances. Meanwhile in Atlantis a board meeting is in progress. Karl Stromberg, cold and fishlike, announces the success of his latest venture—the submarine tracking system. But there is a traitor in the ranks. Stromberg's plans are for sale.

Below: Bond and Anya imperiled once again. Top right: a damp death in an aquarium filled with sharks. Bottom right: villainess Caroline Munro. Opposite page: La Noble as she contemplates destiny.

Through a series of incredible machinations, Bond and Anya finally confront the evil Stromberg in his underwater den. There they find out the plight of their submarines and the dastardly plans Stromberg has (you guessed it) for taking over the world! But Stromberg realizes who they are and they are immediately taken prisoner. At the same time Anya realizes that it was Bond who murdered her lover.

[Source: Penthouse Magazine, August 1977, P.112-121. Copyright © 1977 Penthouse International, Inc. All rights reserved.]

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