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20. October 2014 06:31
by m

8 James Bond Movies - A Mad retrospect with no respect

20. October 2014 06:31 by m | 0 Comments

From Mad Magazine's "And the Bond played on Dept", March 1974.

Although the stars keep changing, "James Bomb" movies go on forever! And so, MAD turns its satirical spotlight on this box office phenomenon, and brings its readers up to date on 8 "James Bomb" Bomb movies - "Dr. NoDr. No-No", "From Russia with Lunacy", "GoldfingerGoldfinger Bowl", "Thunderblahh", "You Only Live Nice", "On His Majesty's Secret Shamus", "Dollars Are Forever" and "Live and Let Suffer". "The Man with the Golden Gum" would follow later that year...

My favorite part is at the end of "On His Majesty's Secret Shamus" when Bond confronts the villain:

Bond (Lazenby): Sean Crockery! YOU!!

Connery: Yes! You've had an incredible 90-minute career, Lazybee! But now, I'm ready to take over the James Bond role again...

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[Source: Mad Magazine # 165, March 1974, P.4-12. Copyright © 1974 E.C. Publications, Inc.]

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