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Tomorrow Never Dies Trading Cards Print Ad

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Magazine Ad from 1997 for the series of trading cards based on the James Bond 007 Film, Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies.

James Bond 007 Tomorrow Never Dies Trading Cards print Ad, 1997

Bond is Back! ...Bigger and better than ever!!

More Explosive Action! More Outrageous Villains! More Lovely Ladies!


Sizzling Hot TERI HATCHER!

Superstar Asian Actress MICHELLE YEOH!

007 Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies Premium Movie Photo TRADING CARDS

Inkworks exciting card series features the entire storyline of Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies plus much more including three fantastic levels of bonus cards:

Teri Hatcher: Bond Girl Foil-Embossed (1:11 packs)
The Women of Bond Spectra Etched Foil (1:24 packs)
Bond - Dressed to Kill Black on Black (1:108 packs)

And, of course, our unique Inkworks Guarantee:
We guarantee at least one complete set (1-81) in every box or we replace missing cards, free of charge, while supplies last.

Inkworks™ Nobody Does It Better!

To Order Call: (800) 887-0901
Fax: (919) 873-1825

On Sale December 1997

TM & © 1997, 1962 Danjaq, LLC. And United Artists Corporation. © 1997 EON Productions Ltd. & Danjaq, LLC. All rights reserved. © 1997 Inkworks, Raleigh, NC 27616

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