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25. April 2014 06:45
by m

Aston Martin DB5 for £10,000!

25. April 2014 06:45 by m | 0 Comments

That's right you could buy your own iconic Aston Martin DB5, just like the gadget laden model driven by Sean Connery's James Bond 007 in GoldfingerGoldfinger and ThunderballThunderball for just £10,000! Well, not exactly like Bond's. This one doesn't have an ejector seat - or any seats for that matter... Still, think of it as an investment. If you happen to have £300,000 you can fully restore it and sell it for up to £700,000, then buy a DB9 and a small house... Well, that's how I would pitch the idea to my wife, if I had the £310,000. Of course, if I had £310,000 just sitting around, I probably wouldn't need to buy such a clunker... Kickstarter campaign anyone?

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