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11. September 2013 09:17
by m

Huge Wallpaper and Poster Update

11. September 2013 09:17 by m | 0 Comments

Over the past few weeks we have been adding to our image archives: 6 new Moonraker wallpapers, 20 new For Your Eyes Only wallpapers, 35 new Octopussy Wallpapers, 29 new A View to a Kill wallpapers, 34 new wallpapers for The Living Daylights, 39 new Licence to Kill Wallpapers and 60 new GoldenEye wallpapers.

These new additions, bring the current total of James Bond wallpapers at the 007 Dossier to 883! Many of these were created in house, that is to say, existing artwork was converted into wallpapers by - only in one or two instances did we also create the artwork.

In addition, we have also created movie poster pages for each of these titles, which also include fan made posters and official publicity shots and other promotional materials. Look for 75 new Goldeneye posters, 88 new Licence to Kill posters, 60 new posters for The Living Daylights, 70 for A View to a Kill, 46 for Octopussy, 52 for For Your Eyes Only and 28 for Moonraker.

So far we have collected and uploaded over 1000 (1075) James Bond film posters, publicity stills, cast photos and other artwork. Similar pages for the remaining movies either already exist (see "Page List" in sidebar), or will be created over the coming weeks, so check back often!

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