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1985 TV Times Royal Premiere Roger Moore Interview

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This vintage article from a 1985 UK TV Times has a Bond Girl pictorial and an interview with Roger Moore - to warm you up for the late night broadcast of the Royal Premiere of A View To A KillA View To A Kill that week in London.

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Wednesday: Royal Premiere

Sian Adey-Jones, 22, enjoys life -her high spirits have earned her the nickname of The Welsh Wildcat’. She says her figure was a gift; ‘from my mum - she used to have a wonderful figure'. Weight training and a regular exercise routine keep the gift in its original condition.

Stunning Terri Johns - ‘24 but looks 20’, says her husband -leads our six British Bond lovelies from ‘A View To A KillA View To A Kill’.

During the filming, Roger Moore hardly noticed them. At least, that’s what he says - with a wink that could mean he’s not entirely serious.

Karen Loughlin, 24, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, a former Miss United Kingdom finalist, appeared in the film ‘Chariots of Fire’. She was already well-known to ITV viewers as a hostess in three series of the quiz show ‘Sale of the Century’.

Jane Spencer’s dusky good looks come from having a Jamaican father and an English mother.

Jane, 21, who was born in Oxford, keeps in shape with ballet dancing. Men who make passes might discover her other skill -Chinese martial arts.

Nike Clark is usually seen modelling lingerie or smiling out of a Patrick Lichfield calendar. Recently she really had something to smile about when surgeons removed a benign cyst which had caused a cancer scare.

Another Lichfield calendar girl is 22-year-old Londoner Caroline Sallett. Caroline has been in the news once or twice because of the antics of her pet parrot, name of Robert Louis Stevenson, a madly-jealous creature which attacks any man it thinks is about to take liberties.

‘A few more lines. Eyesight not so good,’ says Moore.

‘But I’m still the same lovable old me.’ Or words to that effect. Then you notice the schoolboy grin and broad wink. Someone is sending somebody up...

In ‘A View To A KillA View To A Kill’, subject of Wednesday’s royal premieze, Roger Moore stars for the seventh time as the dashing and indestructible James Bond. How does it feel still to be special agent 007, devil with the women and licensed to kill, at the age of 57?

GIRLS? What girls? asks Bond

by Lesley Salisbury in Hollywood

There are few secrets about the sex life of Agent 007 James Bond. It's almost as fully documented as Casanova's. But what of that of Roger Moore, starring as Bond for the seventh time in A View To A KillA View To A Kill the subject of ITVs Royal Premiere on Wednesday? A schoolboy wink from Moore. 'I never discuss my sex life. If I were to give you facts and figures I'd upset every man in the world. They’d say - "Why can’t I have a sex life like that?” Another wink from a man sure of his territory. Moore is even blase about the Bond girls, talking about them like a man who really has seen everything and isn't just saying so for his wife's sake.

'Have you seen them at six in the morning, waiting to be made-up? The only thing they've got on as a rule is a ghetto blaster portable radio, blowing me out of my dressing room’

He doesn’t really notice the stunning beauties these days, he says with a sly grin. 'That's the wonderful thing about age: as your face starts falling apart so does your eyesight. You can’t see properly in the mirror. You think you look well, then you see yourself magnified on screen and the awful truth is revealed'

Moore is rarely serious for long. He has built his reputation on charm, wit and a self-deprecating schoolboyish humour, all useful devices for keeping the real Moore as protected from the public as his house is hidden from the Hollywood tour buses.

On screen he has piloted mini-jets, driven a Bondmobile that converts to a submarine, and flown in a space shuttle and in a speedboat that suddenly takes to the air. In A View To A KillA View To A Kill he tears through the streets of San Francisco in a fire engine after a spectacular six-minute opening sequence that stars himself and a gravity-defying ski buggy.

But put Moore in the passenger seat of a saloon being driven sedately through the quiet back roads of Beverly Hills and he’s reduced to the sort of gibbering wreck to which SMERSH and SpectreSpectre torturers have been trying to reduce Bond for years,

‘Look out, this is a... whoops!... aarggh . . sto-sto-stop sign!

‘Watch it, these bumps in the road are to. . . oo-oh-ouch. . . slow you down.

You see this bend. . . ooh-uh-ohhh , . I say, that was a big truck. .

When we arrive safely at his house, tucked away discreetly in a winding canyon, his knuckles return to their normal tanned shade and he explains his paranoia -    a bad accident during his National Service which kept him in hospital for two months. I've hated being a passenger ever since, but this was a delightful journey. Just keep in touch -we're always on the look out for good stunt drivers.’

The Bond films have made Moore one of the richest actors in the world - his salary for this one is said to be a shrewdly-negotiated three million dollars -but money is one of the few subjects he doesn't joke about.

I've never discussed money or possessions,' he says. ‘I remember resenting it terribly when I was struggling and reading about somebody boasting about having 45 fur coats, three Rolls-Royces and a 1923 Cadillac. I thought, "There are people on the breadline reading this and you're standing there bragging." Stupid. So, I never discuss it.'

But the best part of doing the Bond films? 'Getting paid. The worst? Waiting to get paid. Actually, I get paid quite handsomely for doing something I enjoy. I can never quite believe my luck. I keep thinking they're going to take it all from me; one morning I'll wake up and they'll say, "We didn’t intend it for you. Give it all back".'

Moore divides his time between California, the South of France and Switzerland and is allowed to spend 90 days a year in Britain where his elderly parents live and where, he says, he is labelled by the papers as a tax exile'.

The way they say it! Like, "He has some nasty disease and might give it to everyone." I suppose the gossip columnists are frightened they'll be the only ones left paying taxes.

‘Another reason for leaving was the children. They wanted to live in Switzerland so they could ski. They're wonderful skiers. So is my wife Luisa, but she broke her leg last year.'

Moore is now 57 and the lines are elegantly setting in. He has lost a lot of weight, thanks to an early-morning exercise routine that heartily sickened Richard Harris and Richard Burton when they all worked together on the 1978 swashbuckling adventure film The Wild Geese.

Harris, then reluctantly joining Burton on the wagon, told me how Moore could drink everyone else under the table and still be up, disgustingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am, taking cold showers - 'even singing' - and doing his exercises. 'Not natural,' groaned Harris.

‘I laugh about drinking but I don't admire bad drunks,' says Moore. 'Drink doesn't make me aggressive. It makes me rather lovable,actually...'

Moore’s equable temperament has stood him in good stead over three marriages, trying times, and a demanding Bond career.

He and Luisa have three children, Deborah, 21, who is studying acting and singing at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Acting, Geoffrey, 19, studying singing - he wants to be a romantic jazz singer -and Christian, 12, at day school in Switzerland.

Roger Moore is a proud father and professes not to know where the children get their talents from: The first play I did I had to sing and they never asked me again.

I spoke-sang on The Muppet Show and The Morecambe and Wise Show. What was that song? I can never remember a lyric.

That's why I play James Bond. All I have to remember is, "My name is Bond" I have problems remembering James.'

Wednesday June 12 11.20 pm - 12.05 am

Royal Premiere: A View To A KillA View To A Kill


A visit to the Odeon in London's Leicester Square for the Royal Premiere of the latest James Bond film, in the presence of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Roger Moore stars as Secret Agent 007 in A View To A KillA View To A Kill the 14th movie in the popular, long-running saga, Judith Chalmers and Peter Marshall set the scene at the Odeon, introducing extracts from the film and talking to the stars on this glittering charity occasion.


[Source: TV TIMES 8-14 June 1985, P6-7, 9, 65]

If anybody has a complete recording of this 45 minute show and would like to share it, please let us know! In the mean time, here are two short clips from the program, which can be found on You Tube. The first interviews John Taylor and Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran on the Red Carpet:

The second features Lady Diana Spencer:

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