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Be a James Bond Girl

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In 1979. Playboy and United Artists joined forces to sponsor a James Bond Girl contest (see poster below). The winner, (Robbin Young), earned a role in the next 007 adventure, For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only.

1979 Playboy contest Poster to become a Bond Girl

PLAYBOY Magazine and United Artists Announce a Fabulous Contest!

An Appearance in the Next James Bond Motion Picture! For the 3 Finalists: A trip to Hollywood & a major screen test

Maybe you know her. Or maybe you are her. That special kind of girl who will appear in the upcoming James Bond film. For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only.

Check out the major pictorial feature on the Girls of James Bond in this issue. If you, or someone you know, has what it takes to be part of James's next film adventure. here's all you do: Send in two photos of yourself—one face shot, one full-figure swimsuit shot, color or black and white, along with the official entry form below. And in 50 words or less, tell us why you belong in the next Bond film as described in the contest rules.

Three finalists will be selected for expense-paid trips to Hollywood. Each will be given a screen test to be evaluated by producer Albert R. Broccoli, director Lewis Gilbert, star Roger Moore, and Hugh M. Hefner. If yours is the screen test they select, you'll appear in the next United Artists’ James Bond production!

Entries must be received no later than August 31, 1979.

Official Rules-Here's How to Enter

1.    On an Official Enry Form or plain piece of paper hand print or type you name, address telephone number and age. On a separate piece of paper no larger than 8" x 11" one side only tell us in fifty (50) words or less why you belong in a James Bond movie (Hand print or type)

2.    Attach your entry securely to two (2) photographs of yourself one full face and one full figure in a bathing suit or equivalent. All photographs submitted may be in color or black & white no larger than 8" x 10" Do not submit slides, transparencies or negatives. Be sure to hand print your name and address on the back of each of the two (2) photographs submitted.

3.    Mail your eniry to BE A JAMES BOND GlRL CONTEST, PO BOX 0249 BLAIR NEBRASKA 60009. Entries must be received by August 31, 1979.

4    Entries will be judged under the supervision of the D. L. BLAIR CORPORATION an independent judging organization whose decisions are final. Twenty (20) contenders ar to be selected. Entries will be judged based upon the following criteria: the appropriateness of entrants face as shown by photo entry to female character in James Bond movies as evidenced by similar characters in current and past James Bond films - 45%; overall full figure appropriateness as shown by photo entry to female character in James Bond movies as evidenced by similar characters in current and past James Bond films-45%. Originality, creativity and appropriateness of the fifty (50) word or less statement -10%.

5    The twenty (20) contenders selected based upon tne above criteria, will he required to submit to a prearranged tape recorded telephone interview. Tape recorded responses will be judged under the supervision of the D. L. BLAIR CORPORATION (used upon the following
criteria: appropriateness of responses to Questions asked 25%; clarity and voice modulation - 50%; style and humor where appropriate-25%

6.    Ten (10) semi-finalists will be selected from among the twenty (20) contenders based upon a cumulative point score of the criteria listed in Rule #4 (80%) and Rule #5 (20%). Semi-finalists must agree to travel to Chicago to be videotape screen tested. Each videotape screen test will be judged based upon appropriateness of face and figure to female character in James Bond movies - 40% and ability to follow written script and direction in a given role-60%, under the supervision of D L BLAIR.

7.    Three (3) finalists will be selected based upon the judgmg criteria established in the above rules. The 3 finalists selected must agree to travel to Hollywood and be screen tested for an appearance in the next James Bond film. The three (3) screen tests will be judged by producer Albert R Broccoli, director Lewis Gilbert, star Roger Moore, and Hugh M Hefner based upon speaking ability movement, facial expression and appropriateness for an appearance in a James Bend movie. The one (1) Grand Prize winner selected will appear in the next James Bend movie. The Grand Prize winner's travel expenses will be paid, and the Grand Prize wmner will also be paid the prevailing minimum Screen Actors Guild union rate. The exact value of the Grand Prize will depend upon the winner's place of residency and the number of days necessary, to complete the appearance.

8 This contest is open to females 18 years of age or older at time of entry residing in the United States or Canada except employees of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. United Artists, their affiliated companies, advertising agencies, the D. L. Blair Corporation and the families of each. All federal Provincial Municipal State and local laws and regulations apply. Taxes on the prize are the responsibility of the winner.

No substitution of prize is permitted. A duplicate prize will be awarded in case of a tie. For the name of the winner, available after all fudging has been completed, send a SEPARATE self addressed, stamped envelope to BE A JAMES BOND GlRL WINNER, PO BOX 6283 BLAIR NEBRASKA 68009

9. All entries become the exclusive property of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and United Artists. ENTRIES AND PHOTOGRAPHS WILL NOT BE RETURNED



P.O. Box 9249

Blair, Nebraska 68009

Gentlemen, I wish to enter the BE A JAMES BOND GIRL CONTEST and hereby confirm that I have read and agree to its rules and regulations.


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